Product Designer


A Product Designer originally from Melbourne, Australia, now residing in New York City, United States.

I design user interfaces and Interactions for the Web, iOS and Android.  I have planned, designed and shipped many consumer and business facing products over the past 10 years. I am currently working at Meetup as a Senior Product Designer focusing on our native mobile offerings and enterprise products. Previous to Meetup, I worked within the REA Group as a Senior Product Designer for Australia's largest digital real estate portal 

During my time at Meetup I have been the lead product designer for the completely redesigned Android App. This experience with many different stakeholders, product managers, legal and sales professionals has helped me view product, UX and UI design through a much wider lens.

Having co-located to China on many occasions through REA Group's relationship with Thoughtworks and the Android project there, I have gained invaluable insights into how working with multi-disciplined international teams, being clear, concise and confident with my ideas and designs can really help foster not only a great working culture, but also produce amazing results.

I am an active member of the Meetup hackathons, having helped organize and facilitate our Hack Day events which are held once a quarter. Being an active participant has also given me the opportunity to work with others throughout the company no matter what their title or background. 

I am passionate about all things digital and agile working environments, and with a history of advertising under my belt I am always looking through a consumer focused lens and looking for the next creative challenge whatever that may be.