Product Designer

Back in September of 2014 the leadership team at realised they needed to act on our offering in the playstore. Having used an wrapper for the past few years focusing on our iOS apps, we had let the Android app linger in the dark for too long. Being Australia’s largest real estate portal we had a duty to our consumers and customers to deliver a world’s best ‘native’ Android solution.

Starting first with hand drawn mock ups, I created our user story and journey map. From there I jumped on to the computer to flesh out our wireframes. Being clear and consise with our objectives was key as everyone needed to understand what we were trying to achieve. 

Creating a memorable experience that would resonate with millions of Australians was something I had to think long and hard about. Property is diverse and has many different use cases and desires. From the dreamers and windowshoppers to the investors and first home buyers, the app had to speak to every single one of them as indivudals whilst upholding what we stand for as a company.