Product Designer

Meetup - Branding

Over the last three and a half years at Meetup. I worked closely with the Brand and Community teams to help bridge the gap between brand and the actual product. From working on the roll-out of the branding (design by Sagmeister & Walsh) to our internal Togetherfest festiva which brought together the best Meetup organizers from around the world to give them product insights, hear from thought leaders and hear from one another. My job here was to work closely with the brand designers, project managers, event planners and agencies to make sure we stayed true to Meetups core values and product, creating the brand identity, the online presence and helping create the physical space.

Working with the brand team also allowed me to inject some much needed product design thinking to some of the key ‘branding moments’ within the Meetup site, such as our ‘Organizer Acquisition’ landing pages which increased conversions by 36% and the roll out of the ‘Super Groups’ program, a key new driver to showcase the best groups on the Meetup Platform.